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Adrien Rovero


Adrien Rovero’s designs often appear to be simple – an endlessly transformable sofa made from elegantly upholstered blocks, for example, or a collection of animal toys made from high quality leather off-cuts – but are inevitably the result of complex considerations. His first range for Nude is no exception. Called Sweets, these soft pink vases on their carefully crafted white bases, contain a series of meditations on the possibilities of glass, and the identity of the Nude brand itself, as well as looking deliciously like candy. Adrien grew up in the Swiss countryside outside Lausanne, where he started making things from an early age, picking up both man-made and natural objects and turning them into something new. “I’ve always loved the idea of transformation,” he says. In his studio in Renens, he works on furniture, lighting and exhibition designs, and teaches one day a week at the ECAL (L’Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne).

"We all need to slow down a little. Speed can make us lose our sense of humanity, and working with craftspeople."

Adrien Rovero