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Ali Bakova


The designer Ali Bakova lives in Istanbul, where his studio is in the large industrial complex of Maslak. It’s an unusual area, where the creative industries and car repair shops happily co-exist. In 2015, Ali Bakova co-curated an exhibition there – Atolye Maslak Maker Culture – in which small-scale production of art-craft pieces was carried out on-site with 3D printers. He is also a leading light of design education in Istanbul. Ali Bakova can be playful – creating a cat from Iznik tiles, or a wooden chair inspired by the Galata Bridge. For Nude, however, he is interested in creating pure design for functional use.

"To me it often feels like glass is the mother of all materials. It’s a miracle that something that starts off as sand can go through such a major change and end up with such purity."

Ali Bakova