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Simple is beautiful

Simple reveals the beauty that surrounds us. Simple is uncluttered. Simple makes the ordinary extraordinary. Simple is essential. Simple is clean. Simple is the here and now...

Nude To Showcase New Collections

During Milan Design Week 2019

Paşabahçe Store, Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 3, 20121 Milano

Enjoy the Beauty of Simplicity

Nude to launch new collections with Ron Arad and

Sebastian Herkner during Milan Design Week

Stem Zero Ion Shielding

Some look tough but are so fragile.

Some look fragile but tougher than any other...

Hepburn Collection

The Hepburn Collection by

Brad Ascalon from New York

Elegant and Almost Doesn't Exist

What if it was possible to create a glass so fine,

so elegant, so exquisite, that it could…

Interview with Tomas Kral

Tomas Kral is known for designing lighting, furniture, accessories and table top pieces in his Lausanne studio that blend simplicity and innovation.

A Designers’ Event:

Discover the Nude collections designed by Defne Koz and Mikko Laakkonen

Milan Design Week

Share the Beauty of Simplicity

Is a Goblet Only a Goblet?

Is a design resembling a goblet is just a goblet?

A Conversation with Nigel Coates

A special interview about design with Nigel Coates, one of the UK’s most creative thinkers, architects and educators.

Changin Forms, Unchanging Tastes

Wine is not just wine...

Don't Block My Light

Many stories have been told about the invention of glass from past to present.