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Over history, numerous stories have been told regarding the invention of glass. One of the best known is from the historian Pliny who attributed the discovery of glass to a group of Phoenician sailors. According to his tale, the sailors, having spent a night sleeping on a beach, woke up to discover amongst the ashes of their campfire, transparent particles. The sailors shared their discovery and in doing so initiated the birth of glass.

Sharing a characteristic previously only attributed to precious stones, glass artefacts were initially considered luxury items. The oldest glass products were glass beads used in making jewellery.

Glass, due to its transparency, has since become one of the world’s most important and useful materials.

Glass, with its wide range of applications - from optics to decoration, architecture to household goods, even to space technology - has, over the centuries, become indispensable. It protects us from the elements, while bringing light indoors. Glass is the tool through which we are able to intensify our vision, to the extent that we are able see through particles. In contrast, as part of a telescope, glass allows us to see as far as the outer reaches of the universe.

Throughout its thousands of years of history, glass has had its competitors, various metals, plastics, acrylics to name a few. But glass, unlike metal, doesn’t taint the things it contains. Nor, unlike plastic, does it poison the environment. What’s more, when in contact with water, glass always retains its structure.

Glass can come into contact with any organic matter without its essential properties being disturbed. Because of this, glass is unique when it comes to presenting and storing food and drink, both from a health perspective and aesthetic. Similarly, while protecting us from all manner of weather conditions, glass has an extraordinary relationship with light, whether that be a candle, electric fire, a gas lamp or light bulb. Glass can also be used to transform light into any shape, colour and density we desire.

The transparency of glass, allows us to see things perfectly and in their most honest and natural state. Nude brings together all the many inspirational qualities of glass to deliver a plethora of new ideas, in doing so giving glass a new sense of purpose.