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Simple is Beautiful

Meet the designer

Brad Ascalon Studio NYC

Brad Ascalon's eponymous award-winning studio was founded in 2006. It specializes in furniture, as well as lighting, packaging, and other consumer products. Ascalon believes in uncomplicated design that manages to find the perfect balance of form, function, and concept.

Elegant, tailored, playful and nuanced, by gently weighting the bottom, Brad Ascalon adds both stability and a sense of authority to each piece.

From an inspiring soul, to inspiring designs

The Hepburn collection consists of superbly designed pieces by Brad Ascalon from New York. It includes a cocktail shaker, mixing jug, martini glass, mixer glass, 'alchemy glass' for more intensely flavored drinks, and a tumbler. Sensuous in the hand, and finished with gorgeously understated, luminous brass-like attachments and accessories, the Hepburn collection is an exquisitely stylish collection, befitting of the legendary actress of whom it is named after.