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Ron Arad


An icon as an architect and industrial designer, Ron Arad ignores the notion of formal disciplines and boundaries. He is a creator in the purest sense, his portfolio of work a testament to his creative genius and free spirit. He defines design as, ‘the act of one imposing one’s will on materials to perform a function’. He is a constant innovator, questioning, challenging, re-thinking and reinterpreting the objects that surround our daily lives. The Ron Arad Signature Collection for Nude includes iconic pieces such as the ‘Decantering’, ‘Red or White?’ and ‘Wine Party’, all masterfully hand-crafted in lead-free crystal glass.

"For me design is to do something that did not exist before. Ideas should serve us; we shouldn’t serve the ideas. Like this glass collection we have created. People always ask: Form or function? They are not at war with each other; they work together."

Ron Arad