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Please read the following rules carefully before using our website.

By using and shopping through our e-store, our customers agree and subject to the following terms of use.

1. Accountability

1.1. The company reserves its right to amend the prices and/or change the products and services offered at any time.

1.2. The company undertakes to provide services to the member subject to the contract except from the technical faults.

1.3. The user agrees in advance not to conduct reverse engineering or to conduct any action to find and obtain the source codes. The user further agrees on the legal and punitive actions to be concluded after him/her and he/she shall be liable of any damages borne by third parties.

1.4. The user agrees not to produce, promote and share any content on any part of the website that is unlawful, contrary to the public morality, violating third party rights, deceptive, abusive, obscene, violating personal rights, infringing copyrights and any other content promoting illegal activities. Otherwise, the user shall be liable of any damages and the admins of the “Website” may suspend or terminate such accounts and reserves the right to commence legal actions including providing information to the administrative or judicial bodies upon their information request regarding user activities or accounts.

1.5. Users of the website shall be responsible of their relations to one another or with third parties.

2.  Intellectual Property Rights

2.1. The names, company title, trademarks, patents, logos, designs, information, methods and all registered or unregistered intellectual property rights are owned either by the website admin, the owner company of the website or the mentioned third party that are all under local and international legal protection. Browsing or using the services of this website shall not give any such intellectual property rights.

2.2. The information on the website shall not be duplicated, published, copied, provided and/or transferred. The whole or any part of the website or the information provided on the website shall not be used, copied, transferred or published neither on another website or a platform.

3. Confidential Information

The Company shall not share the information provided by the users with third parties. This information (shall be referred as “Confidential Information”) include all the personal information that is used to designate the User including but not limited to the person’s name-surname, address, phone number, mobile number and e-mail address. The Confidential Information shall only be disclosed upon the official request of the authorities and it is mandatory to disclose such information under the mandatory provisions of the governing legislation.

4. No Guarantee

This provision shall only be in effect to the extent of the governing law. The Company provides the services in accordance with the “as it is” and “as it is possible” principles and. The Company does not provide any guarantees in legal or another nature and any explicit or implicit guarantees, including the guarantees regarding marketability, suitability to a purpose and not breaching related to the services and implementations.

5. Registration and Security

The user shall be obliged to provide accurate, complete and actual registration information and it shall be deemed as such is provided by the user. Any event otherwise shall be deemed to be a breach of this contract.

The user shall be responsible for the security of its password and account on the website and third party websites. The Company shall not be liable of any data loss, security breaches or hardware and software damages on a contrary case.

6. Force Majeure

In the events that are not in the hands of the Parties including but not limited to the following as natural disasters, fires, explosions, civil wars, civil movements, mobilization declarations, strikes, lockouts and epidemic diseases (shall be referred as Force Majeure events), Parties shall not be liable of the incapability of performing the obligations under the contract. The rights and obligations of the Parties shall be suspended during this period.

7. Integrity of the Contract and Applicability

In case of a provision of this contract becomes invalid partly or wholy, the rest of the contract shall remail valid.

8. Amendments to the Contract

The Company shall be entitled to change or update at any time the services offered on the website or the terms of use partly or wholy at its discretion. The updates shall enter into effect at the moment they are published. The User shall be responsible for following the updates. If the User continues to use the services, it is deemed as the User’s agreement of such changes.

9. Notifications

All notification regarding these terms of use and related contracts and the notifications to be made to the related parties shall be made via the Company’s registered e-mail address and the user’s e-mail address provided by the user on the registration form. The User agrees that the address provided at the time of registration as a use shall be the valid notification address and shall notify any change of address in three (3) days. Otherwise, any notifitcations or other written correspondences made to the address on the user registration form shall be valid.

10. The Evidence Contract

In the event of any disputes relating to this contract between the Parties, Parties agree that the commercial books, registries and documents and the computer, e-mail and fax records of theirs shall be evidence in respect of the Article 193 of the Turkish Civil Procedure Law numbered as 6100. The User agrees not to object such records and evidences.

11. Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute relating to this contract or the interpretation of this Contract, the Courts of Istanbul (Anadolu) and Execution Offices shall be the competent authorities.