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1. Parties

a) Paşabahçe Cam Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş residing at İçmeler, D-100 Karayolu Street No: 44A 34947 Tuzla / İstanbul , carrying out activities of web site (hereinafter referred to as “Paşabahçe”).

b) Internet user who is a member of ("Member")

2. Subject of Contract

The subject of this Contract is to determine terms for using web site of “Nude” which is the registered trade mark of Paşabahçe Cam Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş.

3. Rights and Liabilities of Parties

3.1. Member declares and undertakes that personal information and other information submitted while registering on is lawfully true and that he/she will indemnify for any loss incurred in case such information is contrary to facts.

3.2. Member cannot share the password provided by Paşabahçe with another person or entity and the member is the sole party entitled to use such password. All responsibility that may arise for such reason and all kinds of indemnification and other rights of Paşabahçe arising from such unauthorised use for any claim and request that may be raised against Paşabahçe by third parties or competent authorities are reserved.

3.3. Member accepts and undertakes in advance to comply with and not to violate provisions of legal legislation when using web site. Otherwise, member will be fully and exclusively responsible of all legal and penal liabilities that will arise.

3.4. Member cannot use web site in a way that will disturb the public order, constitute disorderly conduct, or in a way that will disturb and abuse others, or for any purpose contrary to laws, or in a way that will violate intellectual and copyrights of others. The member cannot carry out any activity that will prevent and make it difficult for others to use Services (spam, virus, trojans etc.).

3.5. Any idea and opinion declared, posted and used by members on web site are the sole opinion of members and binds only such member. Such ideas and opinions have no connection and relevancy with Paşabahçe. Paşabahçe does not have any responsibility for losses incurred by third parties due to ideas and opinions stated by members or for any losses incurred by the member due to ideas and opinions stated by third parties.

3.6. Paşabahçe will not be responsible for unauthorised access to member data or for any damages incurred by software and data of the member. Member accepts in advance not to claim any indemnification by Pasabahçe for any losses incurred in relation with the use of web site.

3.7. Member accepts not to access and use software and data of other Internet users without permission. Otherwise member will be responsible of any legal and criminal consequences of such.

3.8. Member that violates one or more articles of this Membership Contract will be personally responsible for criminal and legal consequences of such violation and will hold Paşabahçe free from any such criminal and legal consequences. In case there is any action for which litigation has been started, Paşabahçe will reserve its right to claim indemnification due to violation of Membership Contract.

3.9. Paşabahçe is entitled to cancel membership of the member, delete files, documents and information of the customer , at any time. Member accepts this in advance. Paşabahçe will not have any responsibility for such cases.

3.10. Software and design of are the property of Paşabahçe and any related copyright and/or other intellectual rights are protected by relevant laws which member cannot use, acquire and modify such without permission. Any other company and their products mentioned on this web site are the trademarks of their owners and are protected within the scope of intellectual rights.

3.11. Paşabahçe may collect information such as the name of the Internet service Provider and Internet Protocol (IP) address in order to improve and develop and/or to access the web site within the frame of legal legislation, date and time of access to the web site, or any pages entered when visiting the web site, or Internet address of any web site that provides direct link to the web site.

3.12. To provide better services to its users, to improve products and services, to expedite use of the web site, Paşabahçe may use personal information about its members while carrying out activities regarding custom preferences and areas of interest of users. Paşabahçe reserves its right to keep a record of activities of the user on site.

3.13. Member of Nude web site declares and accepts that within the scope of valid applications and/or new applications that will be put into force, product and service promotions, adds, campaigns, advantages, questionnaire and customer satisfaction applications may be offered to him/her by Paşabahçe and all affiliates. Member declares and accepts that any personal information and shopping information and shopping and/or consumer behaviour information submitted by him/her, in the past and/or in the future, while registering as a member of Paşabahçe web site and/or in other ways, may be used for above stated purposes and may be shared with all affiliates and used and archived by Paşabahçe and all affiliates. Unless the member states otherwise, he/she accepts that data may be collected, shared with all affiliates, used and archived by Paşabahçe and all affiliates. Unless member states otherwise, he/she accepts that Paşabahçe and all affiliates are allowed to contact him/her by phone, SMS, Internet etc. Member declares and accepts that he/she will not make any direct or indirect, negative and/or positive claims for material and spiritual damages due to compilation, sharing, use, archiving of such information and for any contact made with him/her, and will not hold Paşabahçe and affiliates responsible for such. If member wishes to change his/her data sharing preferences, he/she may send this request to customer call centre of Paşabahçe.

3.14. Paşabahçe may disclose personal information about the member if required by law, or when it believes, in good faith, that disclosing of such information is necessary (a) to comply with legal requirements or comply with legal procedure notified to Paşabahçe, or (b) to protect and defend the rights and ownership of Paşabahçe and Nude web site.

3.15. Necessary measures are taken in order to protect Paşabahçe web site against viruses and software created for similar purposes. Along with this, in order to ensure full security, User should have and use a virus protection system of its own. In this regard member is considered to have accepted that he/she will be responsible of any error and direct or indirect consequences of such that may arise in its own software and operating system when he/she enters the web site.

3.16. Paşabahçe is entitled to change the content of the Nude web site at any time, change or terminate any service provided to users or delete user information and data recorded on the web site.

3.17. Paşabahçe may change, update or cancel terms of this Membership Contract at any time and without the need to send a pre-notice and/or warning, under no circumstances. Any provision changed, updated or removed will be in force for all members as of the date of such action.

3.18. Parties accept and declare that all computer records of Paşabahçe constitute the sole and real evidences according to HMK article 193 and that such records will be considered as evidential contract.

3.19. According to this Membership Contract, Paşabahçe is entitled to send information mails to e-mail addresses of the members and SMS to their mobile phones, and upon signing of this Contract, member will be considered as having accepted delivery of such information mail to its email addresses and information SMS to their mobile phones. If member no longer wishes to receive such mail and/or SMS, he/she may cancel such option from “My Membership Information” section.

4. Termination of contract. This contract will stay in force until member cancels his/her membership or Paşabahçe cancels membership of the member. In case member violates any provision of the contract, Paşabahçe may cancel the membership of the member and terminate this contract.

5. Settlement of Disputes. In case of any dispute regarding this contract, Courts of Istanbul (Anadolu) and Execution Offices will be the competent authorities.

6. When a person signs in as a member of this web site, he/she will be considered as having read and accepted all of these articles. This Contract is concluded and entered into force at the time of registering as a member to this web site.

7. Paşabahçe Cam Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş. and its subsidiaries will use the personal information collected from the members (including name, age, legal status, e-mail address, phone number etc.) only for its own purposes, not share this personal information with the 3rd parties without the prior consent and the knowledge of the site member, keep its privacy against 3rd parties and not use it unnecessarily and for unrelated businesses. It won’t be regarded as a breach of privacy when the seller is obliged to disclose the personal information if required to by official authorities and laws.

8. This Membership Contract will be kept by Paşabahçe Cam Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş. for 10 years and will be sent by mail anytime within this period to the Member upon request. Member bears the mailing costs.

9. Secure Shopping and Non-disclosure Agreement

Security and non-disclosure terms specified herein are established to set security and non-disclosure limits for your shopping experience and personal information you have submitted.

The whole system is web-based so in order to easily identify users and verify data security. Data is sent to the web browser of users and such data stored on the computer of the customer is updated periodically to achieve optimum system performance.

    1. All the credit card details are kept secure only in the database of the Bank, not in database of Paşabahçe Cam Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş.

    2. Confidentiality and integrity of all credit card information you enter while shopping is ensured through Global Sign SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encoding technology.

    3. On the pages of the shopping web site, which require security (specifically the pages where you enter your credit card information), check that Internet address of the page changes from http to `https`.

    4. In the messages you send via email, fax or mail for your orders, please do not state your personal information such as credit card numbers or relevant passwords/security codes (CVV) etc.